Xml File Preprocessor User's Guide XmlPreprocessor 1.0

Command Line

Command Line

Usage: XmlPreprocess.exe [/o:<value>] [/d:<value>] [/c] [/q] [/nologo] [/help|?|h] [/version|v] /i:<value> [/s:<value>]

Command Line Examples:

Here are some examples of how to invoke the XmlPreprocess utility from the command line.

XmlPreprocess.exe /i web.config /s dt_settings.xml /d:installer /d:debug /d:trace=4

This will process a file named web.config, and write it out to the same place, using dt_settings.xml for it's settings. It also defines three additional properties: installer="TRUE", debug="TRUE" and trace="4" which will override any properties of the same name found in the settings file.

XmlPreprocess.exe /i in\web.config /o out\out-web-prod.config /d PRODUCTION=TRUE /d DEPLOYDIR=%~dp0 /d METADATADB=productionserver /d SERVERPREFIX=FOO

This will process a file named in\web.config, and write it out to out\out-web-prod.config with no settings file. It defines four additional properties: production="TRUE", DEPLOYDIR="<current directory when run from batch file>" etc. Note that the colon on all parameters is optional.